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TheBigTickets FAQs

General Information

Question: Who is

Answer: TheBigTickets is very fast growing network that uplifts the energy levels of the entertainment lovers by giving them the tickets of all kinds including theater, concerts and sports. We have a large repository for the whole U.S.A, Canada and U.K entertainers so can easily focus on their favorite event without any anxiety.

Question: Why we use

Answer: Our primary intention is to make your presence available in the event that’s why we offer lowest price tickets in your budget. However we have large inventory of tickets so you can access on us without any disappointment of missing the show. We assure you that your buying experience with us will be memorable and we will raise your excitement.

Question: What is the TheBigTickets 100% Buyer Guarantee?

Answer: The basic purpose of TheBigTickets is to provide customer satisfaction in order to provide shelter, peace of mind and tranquility to you as our top priority.

Question: Why not buy from a ticket scalper or an auction site?

Answer: Keeping in view the customers feelings TheBigTickets rejects the idea of buying any uncertified resource because there is not only chances of losing your money and event. So whenever you buy ticket be assured and verify the ticket’s validity, while the tickets that you will get from are 100% genuine and authentic.

Question: Is my information safe when I purchase tickets from TheBigTickets?

Answer: The 1st priority of is to make you sure that your all info ,both personal and financial that includes credit cards details ,is in safe secure hands and we just do what you wish according to your instructions.

Question: Where does obtain its tickets for resale? What is the secondary market?

Answer: works in secondary market as it is affiliated with the

Question: How does have premium tickets to sell-out events?

Answer: Although operates in the secondary market yet we have wide association with ticket sellers which is why we have easy access to make the availability of tickets to the customers not only in U.S.A but also in Canada and U.K.

Question: When is the latest that I can purchase tickets for an event on

Answer: Although can give you the tickets prior the event but if you desire to be a part of any event then you must hold your tickets after the 1st announcement of an event and buy your desired ticket within 24 hours.

Question: How do I search for tickets on

Answer: Searching tickets on is very easy task. On the very top there is a search box of You just type the name of performer or team which you desire and click search a list of events will be displayed on the screen and then click buy tickets and get your once. But if there is no availability of the ticket then don’t be afraid as we will provide it to you, you just send us a mail.

Question: Can I bring a camera to the event?

Answer: You can do such inquiries from the venue place because every venue has its own policies. TheBigTickets has no connection with any venue or box office.

Question: Do children 5 and kid need a ticket to be entered into an event?

Answer: Any info regarding this customer should contact with venue as we have no direct connection with any venue.

Question: Why can't I add more than one set of tickets to my shopping cart?

Answer: The tickets displayed on the website is not from any specific person or place in fact all the tickets comes from the U.K, U.S.A and Canada from different sellers and have no connection with each other. That’s why you have to make each order individually.

Seat &Ticket Information

Question: Why doesn't display seat numbers?

Answer: All the locations of the seat is suggested by the sellers so we are not sure that what seats you will get but we will try our level to give you side by side seats if it’s not so then it will be described on the ticketing notes.

Question: Are the seats that I am buying together?

Answer: The 1st priority of TheBigTickets is to give you, your desired one ticket together according to your requirement to make your moments unforgettable but you are not satisfied then without hesitation contact on our Customer Services care.

Question: What are "Piggyback Tickets"?

Answer: “Piggy Back” tickets means that the founded seats are in parallel rows e.g. you get same seats #3 of the first row and second row but not side by side it will be suggested as “Piggyback Tickets”. In such cases it all will be written on the ticketing notes.

Question: Why am I unable to order a certain numbers of tickets even there are more seats available than I require?

Answer: The ticket catalogs and its selection is done by the ticket sellers and they do so to overcome difficulty of soling single ticket that mostly remains in the last. But if you don’t get your preferred one then don’t hesitate to access us. We will make an effort to provide you the ticket.

Question: Why are there codes by some sections such as "club", "reserve", "loge", etc.?

Answer: TheBigTickets have tried its level best bring you satisfaction from all aspects that’s why it gives you the best and easy seating plan chart so you can easily get your desired one. Because all the venues have numerous signs and symbols for seating that brings problem to the customer.

Question: What should I do if my tickets are lost or stolen?

Answer: If a ticket is stolen by customer in that case is not responsible. After delivering the ticket, customers are the custodian of the ticket.

Question: What are "Paperless tickets" and how will I receive tickets that say "Paperless" in the notes?

Answer: Paperless tickets are the latest and alternative method of conveying tickets that requires the customer’s original credit card to enter in the show. More over will cooperate to hold a meeting between the original purchaser and customer.

Question: The name on the E-mailed ticket is not vary from mine - is this ticket still valid?

Answer: No doubt the name of the purchaser should be written on the ticket but the latest E-tickets are transferable and don’t require anything. That’s why can be used by anyone.

Question: What if I order tickets from I shall receive different tickets?

Answer: If the received tickets are the one that were not ordered then TheBigTickets will investigate about it and we are on error then the order will be substituted because we care for your ticketing needs.

Cancellation Policy

Question: Can I cancel my order during reasonable conditions after I consign an order?

Answer: No, It’s the policy of that after placing an order you are not allowed to cancel it.

Question: Will I get a refund if my event is rescheduled, rained out, or postponed?

Answer: If an event is postponed without any future date then is responsible for the refund but if any event is delayed with rescheduled date then it will not be done.

Question: If an event is canceled and not rescheduled with a new date, will I receive a refund?

Answer: Yes. will refund the amount in case of without any future confirmation date. But you are bound to refund your ticket within 14 days after the cancellation of the event. If you have any ambiguity regarding the info then you can visit our site

Question: Can I return my tickets or replace them for an event on a different date?

Answer: It’s the policy of TheBigTickets .com that once a ticket is issued it will not be exchanged. But you can sell it by using our “Sell” option.

Credit Card and Authorization Farm

Question: Why do I’m bound to fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form?

Answer: Such kind of paper work is required to fulfill some requirements. Reasons behind filling an authorization farm:

1- There are chances of error in the billing address.

2- Difference in dollar figure

3- The billing address may not be received by our credit card processor

Authorization paper is done to make sure that the person who is placing order is same. A Credit Card Authorization requires the photocopy of front and back of the credit card and authors sign.

Question: Why am I being asked to provide copies of my credit card and government issued photo ID? Is this secure?

Answer: Yes your all details and info is secure and safe and it is required to avoid any problem, to make sure that the purchaser and who is doing transaction are same. The info may be used by senior staff and office management if required.


Question: How is ticket prices settled on Why is the price I paid higher/lower than the price indicated on my tickets?

Answer: works in the secondary market and just performs its duties between the ticket prices and customers. All the prices are determined by the ticket sellers in accordance of their market value. But we promise you that the tickets prices will not be charged higher.

Question: Why are the uniform tickets available for sale on at different prices?

Answer: if there is any situation occurs regarding the identical tickets then the prices are displayed with it on site.

Question: I have received verification of my order. Has my credit card been charged?

Answer: No. will never deduct any funds from your card until the order is not placed. When an order is placed and after getting a confirmation the funds will be deducted.

Question: Does the prices of the tickets have an effect on the event approaches?

Answer: The prices are settled by the ticket sellers and we have no idea regarding about it. So if you are interested in attending any event then grab your tickets as soon as possible.

Question: Is it possible to split an order among multiple forms of payment?

Answer: No. You are not allowed to do this all the order should be placed with a debit or credit card.

Question: Do I have to pay any taxes when making an order through

Answer: Just a few events are required the payment of tax as the event held in Illinois. But the majority events are elegant from tax.


Question: Who does use for shipping?

Answer: will be shipped all the tickets via FedEx. The tickets delivered through courier requires delivery signature.

Question: Can I ship my tickets to a P.O. BOX?

Answer: No. facilitates its customer with FedEx delivery. The customer is not permitted to use P.O.Box.

Question: I just placed my order on TheBigTickets and selected FedEx Delivery, When will my tickets be delivered?

Answer: After putting an order approximately you will get it within one hour but in certain cases as due to natural conditions you will receive the order within 48 hours and if there is high season of the events and there is shortage of tickets then don’t be worry because we will surely hold your tickets prior the event.

Question: My tickets are E-tickets; why I’m bound to receive them only via FedEx?

Answer: The top priority of is customer’s satisfaction and peace of mind, so to avoid any deceit we deliver ticket through FedEx.

Question: I want to have these tickets shipped to my work/hotel; can I do this?

Answer: Yes. You can receive your delivery anywhere but you are required to fill Credit Card Authorization Farm.

Question: What if I have missed my FedEx Delivery?

Answer: If you didn’t get your FedEx delivery then you just contact our Customer Services Center we will surely help you.

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