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Rugby Tickets

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The antique Greeks Romans have been playing many games with use of feet. It is said that the roman game harpastum has been derived from he Greek game (episkyros) or (phaininda) according to the Greek playwright Antiphanes (388 311 BC). Those games were having affinity with rugby football.
American football can be traced out in early form of rugby football. Both games have roots variegation football games played in U.K during 19th century. Many people believe that rugby came into being when William Webb Ellis disregarded the football rules in 1823. He grasped the ball in his arms and ran with it, which is idiosyncratic feature of the Rugby game. This is apocryphal point of view but it is the most famous one as due to this international committee gave the name William Webb Ellis Trophy to the Rugby world cup.
Omnifarious ball games have been played in middle Ages (5th-16th centuries) and sometimes they are cited as mob football, folk football or Shrovetide football. Such games have been played between the neighboring villages and towns which involved unlimited number of players on opposing teams who would struggle to move aerate pig bladder by any possible means.
Rugby is intensely popular in Australia, U.K, and some other parts of the word including U.S.A. Two teams plays as offensive and defensive. There is no option for the replacement of players unless if any player get injured and they can be replaced during half time. They can kick, throw or pass the ball to any player. Rugby remains continue unless the ball goes out of the game or any player breaks the rule, even then game may be outlive if breaking rules of one player goes in the favor of the other team.

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